The Oriental Club

1890s: The Oriental Club was founded in 1824. The club is open to noblemen or gentlemen who have traveled or resided in Asia, Egypt, South Africa, Mauritius, or Constantinople, or who have worked for the government on behalf of the Eastern empire. Entrance fee is £31, subscription £8.8s. The club is at 18 Hanover Square and has no windows above the first floor. It is decorated inside with portraits of those famous in the East, such as Clive of India. Its symbol is the Indian elephant. The club library boasts over 4,000 volumes on Oriental topics. The club is very sedate and conservative. Investigators of the lower orders, or who are women, will not be admitted and even those who have the required gender and status will be expected to comport themselves as gentlemen. For members it is an excellent resource for gaining contacts and information regarding the East.

1920s: The club is also going strong and at the same address.

Modern Era: The current club is at Stratford House in Stratford Place, and has a website. Women have been welcomed as members since 2010.

The picture below is from circa 1901.


The Oriental Club

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