Chapter 1, London

A new room at the British Museum opens on January 1st, 1923 containing the Maudslay Collection, an exhibition of ancient stone sculptures from the early Maya tribes of Southern Mexico and Central America. Archaeologist Dr. Alfred P. Maudslay recovered the exhibits from ruined jungle temples during expeditions in the 1880s, and is present to open the exhibition. This is a rare opportunity to see such a rare and treasured collection as well as to see and be seen by the wealthy intelligentsia of London.

While at the exhibition the PC’s are met by their old friend Professor Julius Arthur Smith who invites them to attend a lecture he is giving. The lecture covers the topics of debunking spiritualism and apparitions. However, he also reviews a few cases that consist of provable “hauntings” and intimates that they could be examples of dimensional travel.

Three days after the lecture the PC’s find a pair of newspaper articles of interest.

After a day spent investigating both the Professor’s disappearance as well as the triple murder the party receives an urgent summons from Professor Smith.



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