Renaud of Flanders

Veteran Frankish Knight, Age 49


STR 65 CON 80 SIZ 65 INT 50
POW 65 DEX 70 APP 55 EDU 55

Sanity: 65 Build: 1 Move: 7 HP: 14
Luck: 75

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Brawl 30% (15/6), damage 1D3 + 1D4
Frankish Sword 75% (37/15), damage 1D8 + 1D4
Lance 55% (27/11), damage 1D8 plus horse
Shield 65% (32/13), blocks attacks, 25 hp
Dodge 48% (24/10)

Armor: Chain mail (1D8-points of protection)

Skills: First Aid 50%, Listen 45%, Other Kingdoms (Constantinople) 25%, Pilot Boat 30%, Repair/Devise 30%, Ride Horse 55%, Spot Hidden 45%, Status 15%.

Languages: Greek 10%, Frankish (own) 55%, Italian 30%.

Equipment: Weapons, armor, riding horse. A field dressing kit.

Personal Description – Brutal looking with facial scars and thinning hair.

Ideology/Beliefs – No time for idealism. He’s here for the loot.

Significant People – His liege and unit.

Traits – Been there, killed that. Disciplined and obedient.

Injuries & Scars – Many scars and burns from his long campaign


Renaud is a cynical veteran of many campaigns. He joined the Crusade for an opportunity to get his hands on some loot and to improve his social status. It doesn’t bother him that others are here for religious purposes, but he doesn’t feel inclined to agree with them either. Despite his cynicism, he is a disciplined warrior and will follow clear orders without hesitation. Those who are undisciplined he tends to pull into line, for he believes that only by working
together can combatants hope to get home unscathed. As a combat veteran he is also skilled in field medicine and will not hesitate to see to the wounds of his fellow warriors. He has served Count Baldwin’s family his whole life and is unshakably loyal.

Renaud of Flanders

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