Martinus de L'Isles

Young Frankish Knight, Age 19


STR 70 CON 70 SIZ 55 INT 45
POW 75 DEX 70 APP 70 EDU 55

Sanity: 75 Build: 1 Move: 9 HP: 12
Luck: 55

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Frankish Sword 50% (25/10), damage 1D8 + 1D4
Lance 50% (25/10), damage 1D8 plus horse
Shield 50% (25/10), blocks attacks, 25 hp
Dodge 39% (19/7)
Armor: Chain mail (1D8-points of protection)

Skills: Skills: Art/Craft (Folk Tales) 30%, Art/Craft (Timber) 40%, Climb 50%, Jump 50%, Natural World 25%, Navigate 20%, Repair/Devise 50%, Ride Horse 60%, Status 20%, Stealth 25%, Track 20%.

Languages: Frankish (own) 55%.

Equipment: Armor, weapons, riding horse, 2 silver marks, a wineskin. He has a lock of his betrothed’s hair sent from home that he regards almost as a relic.
He also carries a crude crucifix.

Personal Description – Young, handsome, blond. A picture-book knight.

Ideology/Beliefs – Youthful idealism and loyalty to his family. Dislikes the Venetians.

Significant People – His love at home.

Traits – Simple but untrusting of those from outside his home region.

Injuries & Scars – None.


Martinus is a young knight who was brought up in a rural holding and is skilled in the ways of building, especially dwellings, nature, and repair. He joined the Crusades because his beloved Uncle Bernadus (his mother’s older brother) did, only to see his uncle fall at the siege of Zara. Martinus is a simple soul and has a deep distrust of those not from his own region and not under the service of Count Baldwin. He especially dislikes the Venetians, whom he blames partly for his uncle’s death since it was their desire to conquer Zara that led the Crusade there. Martinus is very superstitious in a peasant way and believes devils and other malign spirits are behind most misfortune. He has a barrage of largely useless procedures to ward against such things.

Martinus de L'Isles

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