Maria Stagliani

Young Italian Lover


Age 20

STR 60 CON 70 SIZ 60 INT 65
POW 75 DEX 55 APP 75 EDU 75
Sanity 72 Build: 0 Move: 4 HP: 13

Damage Bonus: 0
Dodge 27% (13/5)
Skills: Credit Rating 40%, Library Use 52%, Venetian
History 47%.
Languages: English 50%, French 32%, Italian (own)


She is an attractive young woman, but is dressed in black and veiled in mourning. Weeping and occasionally sobbing “Papa, papa,” she clutches a silver locket and a lace handkerchief patently inadequate to its task. She is accompanied by Bice, her sober middle-aged maid.

Perhaps offered a friendly smile, or a fresh handkerchief, Miss Stagliani explains in excellent English that her father died suddenly of pneumonia at home in Venice while she was visiting relatives in Milan. He slipped into the canal, and never recovered. She has cut short her holiday and is returning. She shows them a portrait of Papa in her locket. Papa is a not-so-elderly gentleman; his name was Giovanni Stagliani. He taught Philosophy and Comparative Religion at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Maria Stagliani

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