Halife İkinci Abdülmecit Efendi

A portly turkish man in his 50s with a full white beard wearing a red fez, and silk tweed suit.


STR: 40/20/8
DEX: 40/20/8
CON: 40/20/8
SIZ: 60/30/12
INT: 60/30/12
EDU: 90/45/18
APP: 80/40/16
POW: 50/25/10
LUCK: 70/35/14

Movement: 5
Damage Bonus: None
Build: 0
Sanity Points: 40
Magic Points: 10
Hit Points: 10
Phobia: Acrophobia

Accounting: 5%/2%/1%
Anthropology: 1%
Appraise: 5%/2%/1%
Archaeology: 1%
Art (Painting): 80%/40%/16%
Charm: 50%/25%/10%
Climb: 20%/10%/4%
Credit Rating: 99%/49%/19%
Disguise: 5%/2%/1%
Dodge: 20%/10%/4%
Drive Auto: 20%/10%/4%
Elec Repair: 10%/5%/2%
Fast Talk: 5%/2%/1%
Firearms (Handgun): 40%/20%/8%
Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun): 30%/15%/6%
First Aid: 30%/15%/6%
History: 34%/17%/6%
Intimidate: 15%/7%/3%
Language (Other-Ancient Greek): 40%/20%/8%
Language (Other-Arabic): 50%/25%/10%
Language (Other-French): 50%/25%/10%
Language (Other-Farsi): 40%/20%/8%
Language (Own-Turkish): 90%/45%/18%
Law: 5%/2%/1%
Library Use: 20%/10%/4%
Listen: 20%/10%/4%
Locksmith: 1%
Mech Repair: 10%/5%/2%
Medicine: 1%
Natural World: 25%/12%/5%
Navigate: 10%/5%/2%
Occult: 5%/2%/1%
Op Hv Machine: 1%
Persuade: 40%/20%/8%
Pilot: 1%
Psychology: 10%/5%/2%
Psychoanalysis: 1%
Ride: 10%/5%/2%
Science (Zoology): 40%/20%/8%
Sleight of Hand: 10%/5%/2%
Spot Hidden: 50%/25%/10%
Stealth: 20%/10%/5%
Survival: 10%/5%/2%
Throw: 20%/10%/4%
Track 10%/5%/2%

Cash: 50K/Assets: 5M+/Spending Level: 5K



Born 29 May 1868 in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire at the Dolmabahçe Palace. His father was Abdü’l-`Azīz, 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and his mother Hayrân-ı Dil Kadın Efendi was from Kars. Abdülmecit was sequestered in the palace until he was 40 years of age, and was educated by a variety of French tutors and Sufi Imams. Abdülmecit was nominally an Ottoman General and served on the General Staff during World War One though he was by no means militarily inclined. Abdülmecit only experience on the front was in the Caucasus Mountains against Armenians and White Russians. Abdülmecit was head of the Ottoman Artists’ Society, and his painting have been shown from London, Paris, and Vienna. His paintings of the Harem, showing a modern musical gathering, and of a woman reading Goethe’s Faust were displayed at an exhibition of Ottoman paintings in Vienna in 1918 and are considered his finest pieces. Abdülmecit is the most foremost Lepidopterist in the muslim world with a collection spanning several hundred different species of moths and butterflies. Never the most active man one his few pursuits into the country side of any country he visits inevitably have him pursuing local specimens that he meticulously catalogues and preserves himself. Abdülmecit was recently given the title His Imperial Majesty The Commander of the Faithful on Earth, Caliph of the Faithful and the Servant of Mecca and Medina, Sovereign of the Imperial House of Osman by the Turkish National Assembly. His first wife, Şehsuvar Kadınefendi, is a Circassian noble woman and he has been married to her since Dec 1896 when she was just 15. He has one son with Şehsuvar born in 1898 named Şehzade Ömer Faruk. His second wife is Hayrünissa Kadınefendi, a Turkish noble woman, and they have been married since June 1902 when she was 26 years old and they have no children. His third wife Mehisti Kadınefendi, also a Turkish lady, married in April 1912 when she was 20 years old, and they have one daughter named Hadice Hayriye Ayshe Dürrühsehvar Sultan who is still only a child born in 1914.

Halife İkinci Abdülmecit Efendi

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