Gilles de la Grave

Frankish Knight and Heretic, Age 35


STR 80 CON 55 SIZ 65 INT 75
POW 75 DEX 65 APP 40 EDU 75

Sanity: 75 Build: 1 Move: 8 HP: 12

Luck: 75

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Brawl 50% (25/10), damage 1D3 + 1D4
Frankish Sword 65% (32/13), damage 1D8 + 1D4
Crossbow 70% (35/14), damage 2D6
Shield 75% (blocks attacks, 25 hp)
Dodge 32% (16/6)

Armor: Chain mail (1D8-points of protection)

Skills: Climb 50%, Natural World 30%, Other Kingdoms (Constantinople) 41%, Repair/Devise 45%, Ride Horse 45%, Science (Theology) 20%, Sleight of
Hand 30%, Spot Hidden 50%, Status 45%, Stealth 45%.

Languages: Frankish (own) 75%, Latin 16%.

Equipment: Armor, weapons, riding horse. Wineskin and waterskin which he will share with others.

Personal Description – Homely and horse-faced but with a certain strength of feature.

Ideology/Beliefs – Vow to attain relics for his Cathar fellows and to succeed where his father failed.

Significant People – His family and village.

Traits – Cynical and fatalistic.

Injuries & Scars – Various scars and marks from his campaign.


Gilles de la Grave is a Frankish knight, originally from Languedoc, to the south of the Kingdom of France. Born into a family with considerable land holdings Gilles, though now in his 35th year, has yet to marry and take on the role of local landlord over the frozen mountain holdings. Gilles’ family are followers of the Cathar heresy, which is currently gaining significant support in the Languedoc region of Toulouse. The French Cathars have a link to the Byzantine Bogomils. Gilles has pledged to his church to bring back holy relics for the protection of the French Cathars. Before an assembly of Cathars Gilles’ father Hubert declared that the French Cathars—who would ultimately need protection against invaders—must receive similar protection through the possession of holy relics. His life was vowed to the attainment of such relics. Sadly, Hubert died only two years later, his promise to the church unfulfi lled. This vow,
however, became handed down to Gilles. Thus it was that when he reached adulthood he took up sword to become a knight. While known to be loyal to Count Baldwin, Gilles has earned a reputation as a man with secrets, something his personality—a mixture of cynical pessimism and dark fatalism—has encouraged.

Gilles de la Grave

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