Eloise of Flanders

Hand Maiden and Spy, Age 26


STR 50 CON 75 SIZ 45 INT 80
POW 70 DEX 70 APP 75 EDU 85
Sanity: 70 Build: 0 Move: 9 HP: 12

Luck: 65

Damage Bonus: 0

Brawl 60% (30/12), damage 1D3
Dagger 60% (30/12), damage 1D4
Dodge 60% (30/12)
Armor: None

Skills: Skills: Art/Craft (Domestic) 30%, Fast Talk 40%, First Aid 50%, Insight 60%, Listen 65%, Medicine 50%, Natural History 40%, Persuade 70%, Potions 50%, Ride Horse 20%, Sleight of Hand 31%, Status 15%, Stealth 85%

Languages: Greek 60%, Frankish (own) 85%, Italian 60%.

Equipment: Potion kit, healing kit, dagger, good clothes, stout boots and a cloak against the elements. She also has 10 golden marks hidden on her person for emergencies.

Personal Description – Fair with large dark blue eyes full of mystery.

Ideology/Beliefs – Intriguing will keep her household safe.

Significant People – Her mistress.

Traits – Insightful and cunning.

Injuries & Scars – None.


Count Baldwin’s wife Marie de Champagne has recently come to join her husband in the east. Eloise is ostensibly a trusted hand-maiden but also works as a spy for the household, using her connections in other households and her ease with many classes to glean information. Eloise is devoted to her mistress and realizes Constantinople is a dangerous place, rife with intrigue. She is doing her best to find out as much intelligence as she can. Aside from her insight and formidable skills at intelligence gathering she is skilled in potions and medicine, an art she has sometimes turned to poisoning, for the good of her house.

Eloise of Flanders

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