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  • Professor Julius Arthur Smith

    Professor Julius Arthur Smith, Litt.D., Ph.D., is 59, a heavy-set Englishman, a scholar who now devotes himself entirely to research. He is famed for his whiskers and great curling moustaches that give him the air of a friendly walrus. His disgusting …

  • Arthur Butter

    President of the London Train-Spotters Association He is a friendly man, upset about the disappearance and possible death of Henry Stanley.

  • Professor Smith

    Professor Julius Arthur Smith is the investigators’ friend whose presence sets the 1920s campaign in motion. Biographical information pertinent to him in that era can be found [[:professor-julius-arthur-smith | here]]. In the 1890s he is thirty years …

  • Professor Demir

    Demir is trained as an anthropologist both in Turkey but also in Greece and London. He also has an interest in magical belief and has written extensively on the subject of cults and outré religions and is well respected in his fi eld. He is a Muslim and …

  • Baron Leopold von Hofler

    Initial Knowledge: The Baron is mysterious. He is a noted occultist but also a wealthy and powerful man in his native Austria, being part of the Austrian nobility. He does not publish but is known for readily helping those who are interested in the area …

  • Henri Peeters

    The conducteur on the Constantinople car is Henri Peeters, a rail-thin dark haired Belgian in an impeccable uniform. Henri is very friendly and helpful. His greeting is always: “Henri is here. How may I help you?”

  • Egorov Age

    Age 39 A thin man largely bald with just a few small tufts of grey hair over his ears, and grayish white skin, Egorov is stooped, silent and implacable, but always polite and obedient.

  • Countess Irina Razumosky

    Age 25 Countess Irina is a young and beautiful woman. She is enjoying seeing the world and has a genuine interest in other people and other cultures. She is hoping the experience of the east will give her some perspective on life.

  • Hieronymus Menkaph

    Menkaph is a spiritualist and guru to the Myers. He wears an opera cape and stagevillain moustache, and expresses himself in highly theatrical terms.

  • Maria Stagliani

    She is an attractive young woman, but is dressed in black and veiled in mourning. Weeping and occasionally sobbing “Papa, papa,” she clutches a silver locket and a lace handkerchief patently inadequate to its task. She is accompanied by Bice, her sober …

  • Georgio Gasparetti

    Gasparetti is Maria’s hot-headed and idealistic young lover, whose affections she fully returns. He is handsome, athletic and romantic. He is not too bright, but he means well.

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