British Archaeologist, Age 40


STR 50 CON 60 SIZ 45 INT 80
POW 50 DEX 60 APP 35 EDU 85
Sanity 50 Build: 1 Move: 8 HP: 10
Luck: 40
Damage Bonus: 0
Brawl 25% (12/5), damage 1D3
Dodge 51% (25/10)
Skills: Archaeology 70%, First Aid 45%, Library Use
70%, Occult 58%, Persuade 60%, Spot Hidden 65%.
Languages: Arabic 45%, Kurdish 25%, English (own)
85%, Persian 55%, Turkish 55%.
Gear: Traveling clothes, notebook, backpack, battered
luggage, at least 5 books he is currently reading, 1
thesis he is grading, battered hat.
Travelling Expenses: 50 pounds


Personal Description – Deep set but kindly eyes, worried brow, scholarly air.
Ideology/Beliefs – The supernatural is a genuine threat that must be opposed through learning.
Significant People – His college.
Traits – Quiet determination.
Injuries & Scars – A general air of battered geniality.
Prof. Harry Worth is a scholarly archaeologist who is now settled in London teaching at the University after spending much of his twenties and thirties in the field. His main area of interest is in the Middle East and he has done noted work on the early kingdoms of Cappadocia (in eastern Turkey), Kurdistan, and Persia. He also has an interest in the occult and early cults. He is reluctant when it comes to violence and has little skill in guns or fisticuffs, preferring brains and persuasion to muscle. His studies into the occult and cults have convinced him the supernatural is a real threat.

The two have worked together at the University of London and collaborated on a number of articles. Prof Worth is also a fellow Member in good standing of the Oriental Club.

Worth knows Barrington from the Oriental Club both as a friend and as an occasional sponsor, Saroch as a friend, and Kasim Polat as a friend and colleague. He met George Banks via Professor Smith, and the lad helped him follow an academic who was stealing his research. Some scurrilous rumors suggest George is Professor Worth’s illegitimate son. Worth denies this strenuously.


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