Baron Leopold von Hofler

Age 49, Austrian Noble and Occultist


STR 70 CON 50 SIZ 65 INT 75
POW 105 DEX 60 APP 65 EDU 80
Sanity 27 Build: 1 Move: 7 HP: 11
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Brawl 55% (27/11), damage 1D3 + 1D4
Cane 55% (27/11), damage 1D4 + 1D4
Dodge 30% (15/6)
Skills: Credit Rating 87%, Disdain Inferiors 76%,
Fast Talk 35%, History 55%, Library Use 63%,
Occult 65%, Persuade 55%, Spot Hidden 40%.
Languages: Arabic 25%, English 60%, German (own) 80%,
Latin 50%, Turkish 20%.


Initial Knowledge: The Baron is mysterious. He is a noted occultist but also a wealthy and powerful man in his native Austria, being part of the Austrian nobility. He does not publish but is known for readily helping those who are interested in the area of the occult, including hosting them at his estate outside of Vienna and giving access to his private library. He also has a reputation for generosity, and often underwrites the activities of other scholars through his vast wealth.

Baron Leopold von Hofler

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