Horror on the Orient Express Nouveau

6 January 1923

Saturday, London

The various members of the party continue to investigate the whereabouts of our friend Professor Julius Arthur Smith, and the strange case of Mr. Makrat.

Arthur John Evans, Jr. Visits the Oriental Club to see if any of the other members have heard from Professor Julius Arthur Smith. None have heard from him, and he is not staying at the Club.

Alaistair Swanson continues the investigation of the Makrat case, being joined in said by Fredrick Wellsworth the seer and Dr. John Baker, M.D.. They visit the antique store owned by Mr. Makrat. The sales records of the store indicate that the last sale before the apparent murder was of an intricate model train set to one Henry Stanley of Stoke-Newington.

Halife İkinci Abdülmecit Efendi visits the Turkish Embassy, where he is allowed to inspect the passports and travel papers of the three apparent “Mr. Makrat”s. They are all determined to be forgeries, but good ones created from scratch, not mere copies.

Janet Blake checks in at the offices of the British Museum libraries, but no one there has seen Prof. Smith for some time. He has no books left in his name.

By late afternoon Arthur John Evans, Jr. decides to visit the Imperial Institute, and collect the calling cards of the others attending the lecture of 3 January, to see if any of them have heard from Prof. Smith. He visits Ms. Post, Janet Blake, Dr. John Baker, M.D., Fredrick Wellsworth, and finally Halife İkinci Abdülmecit Efendi. He also meets again with Alaistair Swanson along the way. As the group, all together for the first time since the lecture, discusses what they have discovered, a note arrives at their hotel.



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