Horror on the Orient Express Nouveau

3 January 1923

Wednesday, London

Tonight the members of our party separately attended a lecture given by Professor Julius Arthur Smith at the Challenger Trust Banquet held at the Imperial Institute in Kensington.


The topic of Prof. Smith’s lecture was spiritualist phenomena. While he started the lecture explaining the techniques many modern spiritualists use to falsify such phenomena, he eventually segued into a discussion of events that could not be so explained. He focused on poltergeists, travelers, and hauntings as types of epiphenomena separated from human interaction: ie, they manifest with or without the presence of humans.

Three specific phenomena were mentioned in his lecture; the appearance of a Breton fishing boat, an apparition of a hansom cab in London, and the apparent ghost of a Norwegian woman who was observed descending a staircase. In these three specific instances, the phenomena had been both witnessed and photographed by multiple people and more than one angle. There is no evidence for falsification of the events. He theorizes that there way be some sort of dimensional opening or distortion that could account for these cinematograph-like events. The events all involved some apparent time-dilation effect, as they appeared to move in slow-motion.

At the dinner after the lecture, several of the party members become better acquainted over drinks. Halife ─░kinci Abd├╝lmecit Efendi observed a man with a bushy mustache that looks like a native Turk, though the man quickly leaves after being noticed.



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